Global Rewards can be seen as a "Marketing Company" and International Business Promoters with its aim to work for Businesses Globally and invite people to become members and act as marketers for these businesses in the GRP. The GRP also provides the global platform for Merchants to expand their business into the Global Market. Members will only build teams and all members will support the merchants in the GRP. The only difference is now that Merchants are rewarding people to send other people to their businesses.

The benefit for the Merchant is that the GRP will
1. increase their client base of people who will earn from Rewards given by the merchant. A high % of the rewards given to members will find its way back to the merchants.
2. Give the merchant a wonderful way in which to comply with their Social Responsibility.

The Global Rewards Program will operate through two very sophisticated and advanced Mobile Applications that will be downloaded from Play and App Store and will be labelled:

GRP Customer App and GRP Business App.

The GRP Mobile Applications will also be the first of its kind to operate online as well as offline.

The GRP Mobile Apps will also incorporate its own Wallet into which funds can be transferred from different sources. From this wallet payments will be scanned into the merchant's wallet through a QR code to be placed on the counter of the merchant.

Once the payment is made, the rewards amount given by the merchant will instantly be split and entered into the wallets of the beneficiaries in the members team. So, members can literally be rewarded for their efforts "while they sleep!"

The GRP will also have a system through which people who do not have Smart Phones can be accommodated. This still needs time to complete and may be ready in a few months after launch in April.

The members who register into the system FOR FREE, will also become the customers of the millions of merchants who will register into the GRP. When members register, they will receive a Member Code. This code can be used to register other members into the system and will then form part of their team.

Because of the FREE and User-Friendly method of registration, millions of people will register into the GRP. The best plan that would suite this project would be a 12 x 4 forced matrix, thus giving the potential of 22 460 members to be in a team. A member can thus earn from the purchases of 22 460 members from his country and internationally. This is from one team. Because the GRP has payment Gateways and banking systems, each position a member has must be linked to one mobile number. Each position can be verified with the same KYC document. These KYC documents needed will be able to be provided to the GRP Head office using the mobile app.

Should a team member go abroad and make a purchase in another country, then the rewards will be received in the uplines wallets in the currency of up line members own country.

Marketing the Global Rewards Program.

Members will be urged to register includeinto their teams not only members, but also organizations who need monthly residual incomes. These organizations/ institutions can be:
1. Universities
2. Colleges
3. Schools
4. Charity organizations
5. Non-profit Organizations
6. Sport Clubs
7. Religious Organizations
8. Individuals
9. Members can sign up Merchant owners The Merchant owner first registered as a customer into any members team. When the GRP Merchant App is released, then the member who registered the owner will return and register the Business as to be the Agent.
And many more...

The REGISTRATION of millions of businesses into the GRP will be FREE and the merchant will only be requested to purchase the Perspex holder for his QR code, as well as the sign to be posted on the shop window displaying that the shop is a proud member of the Global Rewards Program.

Members will not pay more for any product at any of the GRP businesses.

Members will have the opportunity to register Businesses into the GRP, become their agent, and earn a % off every sale done at that business for life.

Payments at businesses to be done from members mobile. In a later phase there will be another payment method for people without Smart Mobile Phones.

Rewards paid into members GRP Wallet in mobile instantly when the purchase is made.

The GRP will be, in every way thinkable, a win-win situation for all involved.

Businesses will be asked to give a Reward% forcustomers who support them through the GRP.

The rewards % from businesses will differ according to the product. It will also be emphasized that the GRP payment structure saves the business the VISA & MasterCard fees.


To show potential rewards, we will use as example a 4% Rewards % from the merchant. These %'s will differ from merchant to merchant because of product. The average monthly expenditures of a member will be indicated in the projection. We show here the example of 12 countries. If the country you live in is not here, then take the US $ in the first block of every section and convert to your currency.
1. Members average expenditure is $70for the whole month. This is on food, clothes, mobile, travel, restaurants and many more.
2. As example we use 4%but the average can be higher...
3. Potentials shown on a full team.





Pre-registration will start on 18 February and continue until 7 days before the start of the official Pre-Launch.

Pre-Launch will then continue for 3 months until the official international launch to be hosted in a very prestigious venue in India.