What does it cost to be registered on the GRP?
It cost nothing. You only need to go onto the internet and register free of charge. You will receive a MEMBER ID. Once the GRP Mobile APP's are complete and the GRP is Pre-Launched, then all members will use that same code to register into the GRP Mobile App on their mobile phones.
How will the GRP generate revenue for the members?
Members receive rewards from the purchases of their teams at businesses registered in the GRP.
Is the GRP a sustainable program?
Yes. People all over the world will never stop to do shopping and businesses will never stop wanting more clients.
What benefits will I get being as a member in the GRP?
You will receive rewards from the purchases of the members in your team when they go and purchase from the businesses registered into the GRP. You will thus have a share of the rewards given by merchants.
How will members be linked to the people they register, as well as to businesses?
With registration each member receives a unique MEMBER ID. This ID is given to other people to use with their registration. Members will sign up Businesses and give this MEMBER ID to the Business owner to put into his GRP MERCHANT APP when registering. The member is now the AGENT of that business and receives a % of the reward from every sale done at that business for all life.
How often will commissions be paid for efforts made on the GRP?
As soon as transactions are concluded. Every individual has a GRP Mobile Wallet into which the payments are made in real time after the purchase.
Will the GRP have its own plastic cards?
We can Expect Physical Cards in future.
Can a Business register another Business?
No. Only a member can register businesses and become their Agent.
Will the GRP have offices across countries where it operates?
Yes. When the time is right to do so, every country will have it's regional office.
What happens when someone who has registered in the GRP moves from one country to another?
Members are registered in their countries and their local bank account will be linked to their GRP Mobile Wallet. Rewards for that GRP registration will remain in that country. Moving permanently to another country means that the member will have to register another position in the new country linking them to their new bank account in that country.
Are there any restrictions as to who may participate in the GRP?
No. Members needs an ID, an email address, a mobile number and a local bank account. The GRP is not employing people and people are merely rewarded for telling others to go and do their shopping at registered merchants in the GRP.
When will the GRP be launched?
Estimated April 2019
Will there be more than one website involved and when will all be going live?
On Monday, 18th February, 2019, the GRP Pre-Registration website will open. This address will have a pre-fix /register. When the GRP officially Pre-Launches then the address will bethe same but without the /register.
In which country will the GRP be registered as a company?
In India.
Is there a limit to the number of members I may register with my code?
There is no limit, but of course the more members each member registers, the quicker the team fills up.
Is a member allowed to have multiple accounts?
Yes, provided that each registration has a different Mobile number and email address.